Have you ever thought your life except the other’s voice?

Don’t care anymore everyone’s thought about you. This is your life so live it how you want because you don’t have any change again to live in this world so treat and move as being you. If someone say that your face or body or hair is so awful or moreover your writings not good enough or your style (I mean your look) don’t hear their damn voice and don’t angry with him/her. By the way, this list can be longer than now when you start to think but I don’t want to write all of them and remember to you again and again.

Don’t angry with them because remember it, sometimes you don’t like something ( like it have discussed subject) or someone so that means everyone doesn’t have to like think or like whatever you think or like.

Don’t forget it, we are perfect with our differents so don’t give a f*ck anymore people talking. Wear what you want to, write how you feel comfort, move how you think you have your life.

Don’t think those questions “Is it suits me? Or Am I beautiful enough? Or If I do this thing what they think about me? Just be yourself, don’t be the person they created like them. Absolutely do something for yourself not seem to be cool for others but this is not mean forget all rules. Of course, life need a few rules. I just mean you should get the rules but don’t listen every thoughts and don’t believe all people despite being sure about them.

Briefly, at the end of the day you ‘re with yourself, alone, you and your head voice ( you know it never stop its mouth). Listen it what it say and talk with it, share all of your pain or cheer with it. It never say them to another and it never lies and left you although you are not good enough.

Take care yourself well as you can and see you in the next post 😉 …


3 thoughts on “Have you ever thought your life except the other’s voice?

  1. Thank you for sharing… yes, be true to yourself!.. 🙂

    “When someone tells you “you’ve changed”, it might be because you have stopped living your life their way”.. John Pence

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