New preferring for life

Hi everyone, I hope you are fine. I want to talk about my preferred in this post. I won a school last year and I love it but I want to do something different than now. I want to change my life with it so I attented that quiz for win a university and after results I did a preferred list. I don’t have awesome result but I just wanted to see my chance again so I did because I have just one life so I want to do it whatever I want. If this is my life and I will die at the end of the story I want to live and deserve my all dreams. My dreams start with this school so I hope I will win that school which I want to be in. I am praying for it and so excited for preferring results. I wish in the next post I will write here that I won the school that I want to be in. Wish me luck…

Take care of yourself as much as you can.
See you next time…(with good news I hope)


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