Help me please read it.

Hi everyone, firstly, thank you for read it to help me.

I will study this year as a tourism student so I have to choose a language which is best for me but I don’t know what it is absolutely. French, German or Spanish ?

Can you share your idea with comment, it is so urgent now. I am waiting your good ideas for me.

Take care of yourself as much as you can. See you next post 😙


26 thoughts on “Help me please read it.

  1. if i were you, i could choose spanish…because it is the second largest language number of native speakers in the world… by the way, you should improve your English, too. because , you have some serious grammatical mistakes in this post.

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  2. Hi!
    I’m Spanish and if you can already speak English choose German because is quite similar in sentences constructing, meanwhile my mother tongue is quite hard because in every personal way you will have to remember a different word, example:
    English for play in present I, you, he-> play
    In Spanish Yo juego, tú juegas, él juega… a mess!!!
    And nobody told you about the orthography rules!!!

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  3. Has tour guide the more well paid language is German.. We are not so many, that we understand the language and the culture.. So I do my salary with the Germans and they leave tips too.. Is a simple market is direkt and effective.. You can not go wrong.. With Latinos or spanien is more complicated.. They are to many word and too may meanings.. We are sensitives.. So is a more complicated market.. My opinion I am Latina from Chile and I have 10 years as tour guide.. Latinos do not leave tips neater.. Germans have something that they will share with you, as a retribution for your services and is ” vision ”.. They are well inform.. And even when I lived in Chile.. I got the current vision from the world from my passengers.. Success .. Enjoy your trip.. Make it happy 😊..!!

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  4. Spanish is very prominent, from Spain to Central and South America, and even the USA. It is also one of the easiest to learn grammatically because of spelling and pronunciation rules. Good luck with your choice. Peace.

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