Hi again 🙂

This time I just want to write a writing for my life. First, I want to say that behave yourself ASAP! You know your life have never been as your dreams but it is not mean that it will not. Be patient. Think a lot then decide! Pray pray pray for all of your step on your way. Don’t look back. C’mon everyone has bad memories also more than you, you know what I mean I think. I know also you are so small to live with your past life but it is past. Yes not heavy for you but you can walk with it without fall out.

Secondly, don’t think everyone. No one thinks or care or love you as you do. I know your feelings deserve someone in the future. Maybe s/he is in your life now. Just be patient. Wait. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Thirdly, Maybe you are not beautiful as you want so you are not fall in love with someone. Maybe your body shape not sexy anymore for anybody. You know you don’t like show your body parts to everyone like every woman but don’t forget your body is sooo good for who deserve you. Already you know your body and face are well from many of woman. Just be patient. Wait. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Finally, Maybe this is not finally but I don’t want to write anymore to myself them cause If I will this writing have to have many part too. Final thought is just act. Act whatever you want to be. World is a stage or a movie and everyone has a role in your life but important thing is your role and act. Show yourself and deserve your prays. Treat everyone as a good people. Don’t think bad things for anyone. You know they always think about you. You are so clever so you can understand when they do. Or you can feel I don’t know how but you are always feel real feelings from them. You can understand what they want from you with your feelings. This is your power but never use this so much for your brain health unless you really need. Feel. Treat. Act.

If you feel bad again just come here and read it again and again. Maybe add some new thoughts to yourself or change them. These are not rules just your thoughts so they can change anytime.

If you ready or not you have to be ready for live. You just have one life. Live how you want.

3.. 2.. 1..


If you feel better than now don’t think just CLICK HERE!!! A song for you


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