Hi everyone 🙂  how are u? I hope you’re okay and everything is ok. This is my the first blog writing in 2019. I wish everything will be the best as you deserve and wish you luck ,health and smiling maybe some money 🙂

Today I am going to offer to you a movie which is fabulous for me. If you interest art or sort of things you must have to watch it beacuse this ll be your the best movie you have ever watched. This movie had many part of subjects about life actually every site says that this movie is just about Vincent‘s life but it’s not. By the way important  and the different of this movie than the others is this movie made with 65.000 painting. Every scene made by many of artists. Just watch it because it is not just a movie .After you wacthed you’ll thanks to me. I am really sorry cause I’ve found this movie yet and wacthed. I dont know how I didn’t hear or see that kind of art. the life showed the movie to me so I want to thanks to my destiny however today’s it doesn’t help or show me good things but thanks for it still.

If you watched or will wacth this movie or art work please write your thoughts about it to me. Thanks for read my blog.

Take care of yourself good as you can 🙂 bye byee.


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