Old kingdom

Hello everyone, This is my new poem, hope you like it. Take care as u can yourself. Byee

.Old kingdom.

When the sun goes down

The room was too dark

I tried, to find the shine

But there was no one

To hold me and stand up

I was cut that no one got

I screamed but you didn’t hear me

I did to many thing that I dont

You never take a step forward even I prayed

So I ..

Cried, cried

Oh, I cried, cried. Cried cried.

The room was getting smaller

I didnt get any breath like your smell

What was my sin so I got all

Were you a gift, or a torment.

I jumped so high

But I didn’t find a way in that maze like we had

So I..

Cried, I cried.

Oh I cried, cried.

Cried, cried, cried, cried, cried.

Hope you will feel it.

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