Hello everyone, how are you today? You look good by the way. I hope you have a good time actually I have but I am in stress cause of my university exam results, I am waiting for a wonderful result, I hope so. Anyway, today I want to remember you a movie, maybe you watched this too many times or non.

The moive is “Yes Man” which is one of the Jim Carrey’s best movies. This movie about saying yes to any question to asking you, and you’re saying yes than you reach many oppurtiny.

If you didn’t watch this movie come on go and watch now you can find in Netflix too. I reccomend it to you so much. So please watch it, if you watched before so watch it again and remember saying yes to life.

Saying yes is really important for us. Sometimes we don’t feel good ourselves and we are saying no answer to all questions that asking to us.

But we are forgetting something, what should became if I say yes. We can know it but just to try it. What can we lose if we say yes sometimes even if we don’t want.

Why we don’t escape from our line sometimes? Yes is yes. If you say yes something than you can say yes something that something will come in your life as a advantage.

Let’s make a game today, today until night let’s say yes to everything. And tomorrow let’s see what changed in our lifes. I am sure that something will change let’s try it and if you try it before and still, plesase say about it to me in down below. I am waiting for your comments about it.

Trying something that gives you life motivation is cannot be dangerous, isn’t it?

See you next time, take care yourself as you can. Bye 🌼💙

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